The following chart shows how I am related to all but four of the U. S. presidents. The relationships were identified using the Relationship Finder feature at

NameDegree of RelationshipWikitree IDCommon AncestorWikitree ID
George Washington10th cousin 8 x RWashington-11Richard Sherburne (1396-1440)Sherburne-7
John Adams16th cousin 6 x RAdams-10John Grey (1300-1359)Grey-824
Thomas Jefferson8th cousin 7 x RJefferson-1William Tanfield (1488-1529)Tanfield-4
James Madison9th cousin 8 x RMadison-1John Savage (1422-1495)Savage-199
James Monroe17th cousin 2 x RMonroe-17Jan II Avesnes (1247-1304)Hainaut-41
John Quincy Adams11the cousin 7 x RAdams-12Thomas Stanley (1405-1459)Stanley-421
Andrew Jackson14th cousin 8 x RJackson-1115William la Zouche (1321-1382)Zouche-34
Martin Van Buren21st cousin 1 x RVan Buren-1Henry I de Brabant (1165-1235)Brabant-6
William Henry Harrison5th cousin 7 x RHarrison-912John Cary (1583-1661)Cary-63
John Tyler13th cousin 4 x RTyler-150John Savage (1422-1495)Savage-199
James K. Polk17th cousin 2 x RPolk-56Jan II Avesnes (1247-1304)Hainaut-41
Zachary Taylor6th cousin 7 x RTaylor-223William J. Brewster (1530-1590)Brewster-131
Millard Fillmore11th cousin 5 x RFillmore-3Piers of Lyme (1453-1527)Legh-39
Franklin Pierce8th cousin 8 x RPierce-177William Coney (1488-1556)Coney-20
James Buchanan15th cousin 4 x RBuchanan-787Jan II Avesnes (1247-1304)Hainaut-41
Abraham Lincoln11th cousin 6 x RLincoln-103Elizabeth Parr (1451-1513)Fitzhugh-25
Andrew Johnson21st cousin 2 x RJohnson-10479Guy Brienne (1110-1159)Bar-sur-Seine-1
Ulysses S. Grant4th cousin 6 x RGrant-468Joseph Hatch (1654-1737)Hatch-20
Rutherford B. Hayes14th cousin 5 x RHayes-229William of Brereton (1347-1426)Brereton-51
James A. Garfield18th cousin 4 x RGarfield-39Reynold Grey (1311-1370)Grey-269
Chester A. Arthur10th cousin 5 x RArthur-49George Parkhurst (1490-1526)Parkhurst-38
Grover Cleveland11th cousin 5 x RCleveland-110Piers of Lyme (1453-1527)Legh-39
Benjamin Harrison7th cousin 5 x RHarrison-913John Cary (1583-1661)Cary-63
Grover Cleveland11th cousin 5 x RCleveland-110Piers of Lyme (1453-1527)Legh-39
William McKinleyMcKinley-184
Theodore Roosevelt16th cousin 3 x RRoosevelt-18William of Brereton (1347-1526)Brereton-51
William H. Taft11th cousin 5 x RTaft-21Piers of Lyme (1453-1527)Legh-39)
Woodrow Wilson19th cousinWilson-7591Jan II Avesnes (1247-1304)Hainaut-41
Warren G. Harding16th cousin 4 x RHarding-4Thomas Aylsbury (1369-1418)Aylsbury-5
Calvin Coolidge10th cousin 2 x RCoolidge-13Catherine Kingham (1575-1620)Bate-93
Herbert Hoover18th cousinHoover-328John Giffard (1431-1492)Giffard-21
Franklin D. Roosevelt6th cousin 3 x RRoosevelt-1Antoine Crispell (1635-1707)Crispell-1
Harry TrumanTruman-3
Dwight D. Eisenhower15th cousin 4 x REisenhower-1William FitzHugh (1399-1452)Fitzhugh-319
John F. KennedyKennedy-96
Lyndon B. Johnson13th cousinJohnson-8927Edward Elliot (1546-1595)Elliot-170
Richard M. Nixon9th cousin 2 x RNixon-22William Swift (1593-1643)Swift-95
Gerald Ford12th cousin 3 x RKing-1042Hugh Sargent (1530-1596)Sargent-77
Jimmy Carter14th cousin 1 x RCarter-1086William Tanfield (1488-1529)Tanfield-4
Ronald ReaganReagan-1
George H. W. Bush11th cousin 2 x RBush-7William Cary (1550-1632)Cary-25
Bill Clinton17th cousin 2 x RBlythe-6Seville Saville (1358- )Savile-34
George W. Bush12th cousin 1 x RBush-4William Cary (1550-1632)Cary-25
Barack Obama11th cousinObama-2Joseph Holloway (1605-1647)Holloway-53