Mundy Family


The following was found in the Brief Personals in the last section of the 1885 History of Warren County, New York, written by H. P. Smith.


“Mundy, William, p. o. Chester, was born in Wiltshire, England June 19, 1823. Was reared and educated in Wiltshire and learned the tanner’s trade, serving an apprenticeship of six years. He came to America in 1843, settled in Hudson and in 1848 was married to Angelina Reynolds. They have six children: Fred, William, Robert, Sarah, Andrew, and Jessie. Mr. Mundy located in Chester in 1859, and established his present business, building 70 by 40 feet, with a capacity for turning out 3,000 hides per year.”


The 1876 Beers Atlas shows W Mundy, Tannery, on the Friends Lake Road.


William was the first Mundy in Chester on the 1860 census. Sarah Mundy, who married Samuel Bowyer, was probably William Mundy’s sister. The 1850 census is the first to show Samuel and Sarah Bowyer in Chester. 


In the 1861 assessment records William Mundy owns 6 acres. In the 1862 assessment records those 6 acres is now listed as a tannery.


Another Mundy researcher found the following listing while searching for information about William Mundy. He tried to contact the woman but was not successful:


“I bought a desk in New York 35 years ago, and discovered a secret drawer with the  U.S. citizenship papers of William Mundy dated Oct. 10, 1857 in New York, NY. Allen Reynolds sponsored William Mundy for citizenship. Other document is notice of Allen Reynolds will listing Angeline Mundy as wife of William, residing in Chestertown, NY.”


This same researcher says that he knows that William’s parents were Samuel Mundy and Ann Linch, and the Ann Linch is buried in Chestertown. This researcher is:           Bradford Mundy                                      email –

          562 Belgrade Rd.                                phone – 207-564-3044

          Oakland, ME 04963


I last corresponded with him in 2013. He is the one who sent me the information on Angeline Reynolds Mundy and her parent’s pictures. 

William Mundy operated a tannery on Friend’s Lake Rd. in the Town of Chester. He employed about 20 men. His house was very nice and built like an English cottage.


The following is from a 1963 special sesquicentennial edition of The Glens Falls Times celebrating Warren County’s 150th year. It was written by Dr. John Magee, who tells about the part of the Town of Chester clustered around the intersection of Route 9 and Friends Lake Rd.


Mundy Tannery


North of the Culver mill on Friends Lake Brook was the Mundy Tannery. Will Mundy had first located on the road to Loon Lake (Route 9) in a gully between the entrance of the road to Palmer Rd. and where Olden’s residence now stands. The water supply proving inadequate, he moved to Friends Lake Brook. He enlarged a pond and built a tannery. It was in this tannery that he and Andrew Thurston used the method of tanning sheepskin with the wool left on. Moccasins made from these skins were manufactured for many a winter in the extension at the Thurston house on North St. (Landon Hill Rd.) in the village by Gorham May and later by his son Earl. The moccasins with the wool in the inside were greatly prized by men working in the limber woods. They were used by Thurston men when he lumbered the Lake Pleasant tract.